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Help enterprises go out of China and create GDPR compliant OTA solutions
ABUP has created a set of OTA solutions that comply with this regulation in order to understand the increasing OTA requirement of customers who will run business overseas. In terms of data collection, storage and security requirements, it can help custom
  • Data processing should realize the unity of legitimacy, rationality and transparency
  • Data collection should be limited to the specific, clear and legitimate purpose for which it was initially established
  • Data processing should be necessary, relevant and appropriate
  • Data should be ensured to be accurate and updated as necessary
  • The practice of storing data should be limited to the time necessary to achieve its purpose
  • Measures should be adopted to ensure the security of data
  • ABUP's independent overseas cloud platform, one-click access, worldwide service

    GDPR compliance

    With ABUP OTA solution; EU server cloud platform, one-click access, Anxiety-free use; Data will be limited in China, and data privacy is secured.

  • China
    For China and Overseas
  • Germany and Frankfurt
    For EU region
  • Meet the GDPR standard, t Data will be limited in China, and data privacy is secured.

  • ABUP strategically cooperates with Amazon to provide GDPR-compliant servers for customer data

  • The functions of the EU version and the general version are completely consistent, and the operation interface is also similar, which minimizes the learning cost of domestic customers

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