OpenFOTA programme:
MCU + Communication module based OTA solution for the whole machine level

Based on a large amount of LOT industry experience and technology accumulation, including IoT whole vehicle upgrade, MCU and other master control processor work communication module, bus architecture, differential technology, etc., Open FOTA is ABUP's OTA


在OpenFOTA方案之前,模组只支持升级模组的应用 APP(FOTA),使用OpenFOTA之后的模组,则可以升级MCU 的应用 APP(FOTA),站在整机终端的角度可以分别称之为整机固件升级(FOTA)与整机应用升级(SOTA),所以OpenFOTA方案相当于同时赋能了物联网整机设备的FOTA升级能力与SOTA升级能力。

Key capabilities and advantages of Open FOTA
  • 无需开发的整机OTA融合升级

    既可以升级ST MCU 的应用 APP(整机SOTA),又可以升级广和通模组的固件APP(整机FOTA)

  • MCU的差分OTA实现更强劲的差分升级能力


  • 全面完善的升级保护机制和高可靠性


  • 支持用户自定义模组Flash区域


  • 更符合整机终端的使用场景


  • Application examples
    Basic framework (ST MCU + Fibocom communication module as an example)

    The device side of the Open FOTA solution is composed as shown in the figure above, with the main control processor ST MCU burning the ABUP ELB firmware, which is graphically configured and generated and contains the UP program for O1 A service interaction with the module as well as the lightweight bootloader of the ST MCU and the associated protection mechanism, while the module is already pre-integrated with ABUP's UA differential algorithm, UP program, interaction logic interface, etc. have been pre-integrated in the Fibocom module.

    The end customer only needs to burn in the ELB firmware for the selected ST MCU and then pair it with the corresponding FIBOCOM module. There is almost no need to worry about how to implement FOTA, just verify and use it.

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