Automotive Cloud Platform

Meet the customer's requirement on the management of upgrade capabilities such as user management, version management, multi-policy configuration, data statistical analysis, differential algorithm, etc.

ABUP OTA Cloud Platform

Microservice architecture

Container deployment

Flexible expansion of service

Overall Cloud Architecture of ABUP OTA
Cloud Platform Function
  • Cloud Microservice Architecture
  • Cloud Container Deployment
  • Flexible Expansion of Cloud Services
  • Vehicle Management

    Single-vehicle Upgrade Status Query

  • Project Management

    Project Management: Deletion and Modification

    Project Information Statistics

  • Version Management

    Project Version Correspondence

    Differential Relation Establishment

  • Policy Configuration

    Configure Download Criteria

    Matching Upgrade Conditions

    Configure Upgrade Policy

  • Upgrade Package Test

    Set Test Range

    Test Upgrade Process

    Test Result Review

  • Task Publishing

    Project strategy officially takes effect

    Push Task to Car

  • Statistics

    Analysis of Project Upgrade Data

  • Visual Management

    Master the overall situation

    Visual display

  • User Management

    Assignment of User Roles

    User Permission Management

  • Interfacing Service

    Interfacing services with various systems

  • OTA Information Security Solution

  • OTA Cloud Issue Certificate

  • Third-Party System

  • OTA Issue certificate in cloud
    Issuance of Vehicle End Certificate
    Vehicle Information Upload
    Upgrade Package Signature Encryption
    Link Encryption Identity Authentication
    Data Source Legitimacy
    Interface Authentication
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