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As a world-renowned provider of IoT OTA solutions. ABUP is committed to empowering your devices with state-of-the-art OTA technology to seamlessly upgrade and adapt.

Market requirement and value for OTA upgrades
OTA upgrades act as a core value in the full lifecycle of IoT product
  • 01

    Accelerated product launch

    Agile software iteration

    Improving R&D efficiency

    Reducing quality risks

  • 02

    Raising customer expectations

    Enhanced user experience

    Brand attitude perception

    Increase product competitiveness

  • 03

    Enriching business models

    Software saleability

    Personalised service

    Product Preservation

  • 04

    Upgrading after-sales service

    Improving after-sales efficiency

    Reduced O&M costs

    Supply Chain Software Control

  • Upgrade capabilities and objectives

    Complete package upgrade

    The most common way to upgrade

    Large upgrade packages, high traffic consumption, long upgrade times

    Compression upgrade

    The more common upgrade methods

    Compression is usually about 70% of the whole package, consumes more traffic, takes longer to decompress and upgrade, requires more storage resources, and has high memory requirements

    Differential upgrade

    Also known as star-boosting or patching, it requires algorithms and tools to support the smallest upgrade packages, consumes the least amount of traffic, is efficient, and takes up a moderate amount of memory and storage resources 

    Upgrade goals


    Firmware upgrade or upgrading the main program firmware, usually requires a system reboot to access reflash the application firmware to the system memory in the bootloader


    Application upgrades, mainly for software applications running on top of the operating system, require software architecture and operating system support, such as Linux and Android, etc. The upgrade process does not require a system reboot

    ABUP's end-to-end cloud-based OTA upgrade solution

    ABUP LOT OTA offers a complete system solution. ABUP OTA has mature solutions and rich experience in platform adaptation on both the device side and the cloud side. On the cloud side, ABUP provides a management platform to meet customers' management of user management, version management, multi-strategy configuration, data statistical analysis, differential algorithms and other upgrade capabilities. On the device side, the integration of the ABUP SDK allows the device to gain network connectivity, latest version detection, upgrade package download, security verification, differential restore and write for more information. Upgrading operation and supervision of the entire OTA business is achieved under a comprehensive security system and disaster recovery system.


  • Device-side upgrade capability


  • End-side upgrade capability


  • Programme advantages
  • ABUP-OTA Cloud-based Intelligent Operation and Maintenance - Grey Release

    Turn a full release into multiple batches of pre-releases and observe the effect of the release by limiting the scope of the release and presetting the success rate of the upgrade. Helps customers to avoid release risks and reduce the impact of release upgrades.

  • Smart OTA Solutions

    Compared to CDN distribution of packet updates, the speed is increased by several orders of magnitude, saving bandwidth resources and reducing the waiting time for download.

  • Cloud-managed security system guarantees

    The comprehensive security system provides more stable, reliable and efficient upgrade services for the terminal, supporting intermittent transfer, power failure protection, intelligent restoration and a traceable security mechanism to protect each upgrade from malicious alteration.

  • Global Coverage

    Global cloud server architecture, over 100 million global device scale support experience, support for millions of concurrent user downloads, GDPR compliant in the EU

  • Differential upgrade

    ABUP's patented differential technology, through the continuous iteration of the algorithm, makes the upgrade package smaller, consumes less traffic and upgrades more efficiently, effectively saving traffic and taking up memory and storage resources.

  • Experience with mainstream platform adaptations

    After years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation, ABUP OTA has served more than 1000 customers and 100 million IoT terminals, and is fully compatible with more than 400 mainstream platforms, Including support for freertos/RTThread/zepher/inux/android/QNX and other mainstream operating systems; support for no OS and no Bootloader framework.

  • OTA empowers thousands of businesses and industries
    20+ industry segments, 100 million+ terminals, billion upgrade verification Smart cars M2M modules Smart homes Shared devices
  • Smart cars

    Smart cars

    SOTA updates for Smart Car, Smart Mirror, Car Navigation/Maps

  • M2M modules

    M2M modules

    SOTA updates for Smart Car, Smart Mirror, Car Navigation/Maps

  • Smart homes

    Smart homes

    SOTA updates for Smart Car, Smart Mirror, Car Navigation/Maps

  • Shared devices

    Shared devices

    SOTA updates for Smart Car, Smart Mirror, Car Navigation/Maps

  • Fast access
  • Open an Account

    Register an account to use the ABUP OTA platform and create items according to the chip and system

  • Transplantation

    Obtain porting SDK, integrate and compile into device development environment and version according to documentation

  • Quick access to big

    Compile 2 different versions to create a differential package using the differential tool and test it

  • Upgrade

    Configure upgrade policies to perform upgrade tasks (detect, download, report progress, etc.) according to requirements

  • Validation

    Platform view upgrade results device side query verification version

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