Kiosk Mode
Kiosk mode is a valuable feature that lets you lock down a device to a single app or a limited set of apps. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to restrict employee device usage to specific work-related applications. By deploying kiosk mode, you can enhance productivity and efficiency, ensure corporate devices are solely used for enterprise purposes, and minimize support time and costs.
Device Configuration
Device configurations are a powerful feature that allows you to remotely configure and manage device settings. This means you can set up device restrictions, configure Wi-Fi and VPN settings, and more. You can also deploy custom configurations to devices based on user roles or device types. These capabilities help you streamline device management, reduce support costs, and enhance security.
Location Tracking & Geo-fence
Location tracking and geofencing are powerful features that enable you to monitor the whereabouts of your devices and define virtual geographic boundaries. Through these features, you can detect when corporate devices move outside designated areas and receive immediate notifications. Furthermore, you can remotely wipe the device or mark it as lost to safeguard sensitive data in case of theft or unauthorized usage. These capabilities significantly enhance corporate data security and minimize the risk of malware or virus infections on your devices.
Content Management
Content management empowers you to centrally manage the content on your devices. This includes setting granular permissions and access controls that define who can view, edit, or share specific content. Additionally, you can track changes, manage revisions, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all content activities. These features ensure the protection of your company data and increase data compliance.
App Management
App management streamlines the control of applications installed on your devices. Through this feature, you can deploy, configure, and update mobile apps effortlessly, saving your IT team valuable time. Additionally, you can blacklist potentially harmful or malicious applications/software from devices, keeping them secure, and even remotely update applications for seamless and synchronized operation. These functionalities enhance device security and optimize app usage for increased productivity and user experience.
Expense Control
Device expense control empowers you to manage the financial side of your device fleet. This feature lets you monitor device usage and establish cost-conscious policies for data consumption, roaming charges, and other expenses. By leveraging these capabilities, you can optimize device usage and maximize cost savings.
Device security safeguards your devices against various threats. This feature empowers you to implement robust security policies, including password complexity requirements, data encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. Additionally, it enables identification and reporting of high-risk or noncompliant devices. These functionalities significantly mitigate the risk of hacking and malware infections, ensuring the protection of your sensitive company data.





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