ABUP Intelligent Diagnosis Product Line
Intelligent Diagnosis
Proactive Diagnosis
When a vehicle malfunctions, the vehicle can promptly report the fault information to the server for remote fault data acquisition, analysis, and repair.
Remote Fault Repair
If some faults are ECU system problems, they will be upgraded and repaired with OTA technology to solve the faults and save maintenance costs.
Updates to Remote Assistance and Diagnostic Scripts
For vehicle malfunctions, remote assistance from diagnostic experts can be sought to reduce travel costs and increase efficiency.
Inventory Upgrade
By using power supply racks, batch push of upgraded factory inventory can be achieved for temporary special upgrades or larger file updates, saving production line time.
Online upgrade, configuration, and self-learning of Production Lines
Integrated management and scheduling of production line data, and integration with MES and VSP to achieve online upgrading, filling, and diagnostic execution of the production line.
Data synchronization without repeated final check
The production line and unshipped inventory vehicles use the same logic and can be updated through WiFi/4G components. At the same time, the data is instantly returned to the MOTA Server without the need for repeated final check on the production line.
Diagnostic Instrument Platform
The standard hierarchical and modular design architecture can not only use the existing diagnostic instrument hardware equipment, but also meet the needs of a variety of after-sales diagnostic application scenarios and future expansion.
Multi-hardware Adaptation
Adapt to various diagnostic instrument hardware devices (including server based virtual data channels), and support existing VCI devices in 4S stores.
Multi-scene Support
Supports multiple system platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Android, and supports various diagnostic and maintenance application scenarios.
Customized Development and Expansion
Realize seamless integration of local diagnosis, remote diagnosis, and intelligent diagnosis, and smoothly expand and upgrade to intelligent diagnosis in the future.
It is based on TCP/IP and provides services to the application layer (UDS).
Core Business Interface Encapsulation
The kernel can customize parameters and set interfaces.
Business customization to meet the needs of multiple customers
Meet various protocol standards, provide rich interfaces externally, and customize business according to customer needs.
Implemented the DoIP protocol described in ISO 13400-2, which manages notifications such as gateway, routing, timer, timing, asynchronous events, TP sending, message queuing, vehicle public relations, recognition, status, and power.
Diagnostic Toolchain
Process Script Tool
Simple and easy to use, meeting the testing process application scenarios in automotive electronics development.

1. Support multiple commonly used process statements.

2. Diagnosis service sending and receiving.

3. Bus message transmission and reception.

4. Support test case editing and invocation.

5. Support receiving frame triggering use cases.

6. Support cycle use cases.

It is a near end diagnostic tool customized by engineers to solve complex professional problems.

Bus monitoring: monitoring and recording bus messages, analyzing bus messages.

Graphics monitoring: analyzing signal waveforms.

Simulation: CAN frame simulation transmission.

Diagnosis: UDS diagnostic function, diagnostic service sequence.

Flash: UDS flash function.





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