A key enabler for automotive intelligence
Evolvability brings life to smart vehicles

Fix defects via OTA recalls to decrease cost and increase efficiency .

Keep pushing innovative functions to make a vehicle product always new.

Allow new business modes to get more possibilities of profit growth for automakers.

The OTA System in Evolution
Extend the boundry of OTA, from a single technical approach to an industrial grade vehicle software management platform.
EE Component OTA
EE Component Oriented OTA
OTA Updates based on Infotainment System and TCU/TBox
Service updates for 3rd-party entertainment contents
Vehicle OTA
Vehicle Function Oriented OTA
Vehicle level OTA system with adaptation to varity of EEA
Applicable for multiple domains: Cockpit, Autonomous Driving, Body, Powertrain.
Compatibility, Reliability, Security
Vehicle lever Cyber Security and Function Safety
Compliance to global OTA standards
Enteprice Grade OTA
Vehicle Owner Service Oriented OTA
Lift-time Management of Vehicle Software
Connect the full business chain of design, development, manufacturing, sales, after-services
Scenario driven sellabity of function and software
Cloud based diagnostic services
OTA Service Operation for multi-million user terminals
Industrial Grade OTA
(Intelligent car software 4S store+large transportation industry)
Industrial Chain Oriented OTA
4S Dealers over-the-air for software retail
Service Overage, Accessibility, Convert Rate, ARPU, Complaint Rate, etc. for vehicle softwares
World-leading Delta Update Technolgoy
Smaller delta package,Faster updating speed,Higher updating efficiency,Better user experience
Better on Security, Stability, Simplicity
Having more network attacks and defenses, and a more stable and secure automotive software upgrade guarantee mechanism
A Sustainable System for OTA Operation
Provide contents with higher value and differentiation through high quality OTA operation service
Build Up Compliance System for OTA
One-click Submission System for OTA Recall Recordation to State Authorities.
Compliance of ABUP OTA Systems
Consultancy services on OTA compliance
Assist OEM Client to build up its compliance system for OTA SW update.





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